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Medical Foot Health and General Foot Care

The care of the feet that carry all the burden of the body is of great importance for human health. The care of the feet that are in motion throughout the day should be done by Podiatrists who are interested in foot health. Especially in people with diabetes, the loss of sensation in the feet and the high risk of loss of sensation have increased the importance of special Podiatry care in diabetic feet. Podiatrists work on the foot care of people with diabetes, as well as the foot care that everyone needs in their daily life.

A) Diabetic Foot Care
B) Ingrown Nail
C) Mushroom
D) Callus Treatment
E) Cracked Heels

A) Diabetic Foot Care

In diabetic patients, pain, temperature and touch sensation may decrease as a result of damage to the nerves in the feet. As a result, injuries are either noticed late or not, as no pain is felt. Failure to recognize injuries may cause the wound to grow larger and inflamed. Burns may also occur in people with diabetes who complain that their feet are cold and who bring their feet closer to the stove and heater to warm up. Since ingrown toenails do not cause pain, the patient becomes aware of the situation when an infection occurs and the foot is swollen.

The following recommendations are highly recommended in order to minimize the foot problems of diabetic patients.

Feet should be washed with warm water every day; It should be carefully dried with a soft towel, including between the fingers.
Feet should be moistened with diabetic foot creams
You should never walk around the house and outside with bare feet, shoes and slippers used should not be too loose or too tight.
Feet should be checked with the help of a mirror for possible cuts, wounds, fungus and blisters.
Calluses and dead tissues should not be cut, and acid-containing callus should not be used; callus care should be done by experts
Feet should not be heated by leaning on any heater or hot object when cold; wool socks should be worn instead
Toenails should be cut straight with rounded corners
The inside of the shoes should be checked carefully before they are worn.
Shoes should not be worn without socks
Socks should be cotton or wool; Soft textured ones should be preferred.
Shoes should be comfortable, soft, leather soles thick and seamless
Women’s summer shoes should be closed from the front, no flip-flops sandals.
Absolutely not smoking

B) Ingrown Nail

Ingrown toenails; It may be caused by various reasons such as genetic predisposition, wrong cutting or pedicure procedures, wrong shoe selection, trauma.

It is a condition usually seen in the big toe. The nail is curled down on either side or one side and extends into the skin and is embedded in the skin. In such cases, infection can be seen around the nail.

In our Maltepe Ersoy Hospital Foot Health Clinic, the “3TO Wire Method”, which is preferred in many parts of the world, is applied by a foot care specialist. With this system, the nail, whose mattress is distorted and embedded in the flesh from the sides, is suspended from both sides with special titanium wires, pressed in the middle and lifted up. When the nail is suspended, the nail bed takes shape again and without pressure. The nail growth is monitored and the place where the wire is applied is changed in appropriate periods to control it. With nail growth, when the free nail tip is reached from the ingrown area, it is seen that the ingrown nail is completely gone and the nail bed is completely corrected. Regardless of the reason the wreck is formed, with this method, the wreck is healed effectively, healthy, painlessly and without detaching from daily life. As soon as possible, it relieves your pain caused by ingrown toenails.

3TO Wire Method:

When you have closed shoes, it does not disturb your feet in any way.
It certainly does not negatively affect your business life and sports activities, and even allows you to enjoy more than before.
It is a valid treatment system for a long time and allows your nail to grow naturally and healthy again.
Surgery can be applied as an alternative.
It is the first treatment method recommended for diabetics with ingrown nail problems.

C) Mushroom

Nail fungus is a common infectious disease.

Thickening of fungal nails, flaking, color and deformities, lines on the nails, white spots, bad smell, sensitivity and sensitivity to pain occur.

Fungal nails are cleaned with devices and a gel system is applied. It requires a long period of treatment.

D) Callus Treatment

Calluses are mostly seen on hands and feet. Due to abnormal friction, the skin protects itself and hardens. When it reaches advanced dimensions, the hardened skin becomes inflamed.

Shoes suitable for the foot structure should be worn for callus treatment. Then, with professional machines and disinfected callus files, the root end of the callus is removed and the treatment is continued with the necessary medications.

E) Cracked Heels

Heel cracks are the most common foot problem