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About us

Continuing its activities with 30 years of experience, Lotus is recognized as a leading slipper brand in the global slipper market from Gaziantep.

Taking its strength from its roots, knowledge, knowledge and experience in the sector, Lotus has expanded its product and sales network day by day and has made a name for itself locally, nationally and internationally.

Lotus products is a brand that allows customers to understand their needs, closely monitor and offer products that deserve their price.

Its competence to develop top class products based on innovation in the Slipper Sector is another reason why it is preferred in the international abandoned market. Lotus plays an active role in determining the quality and price, actively using the technological developments in the slippers field and its innovative applications.

Continuing on its way by increasing its production capacity day by day with a daily production of 40,000 pairs of slippers, Lotus is a Topuz Slippers Brand. In addition to domestic dealers and distribution channels, it continues to export slippers to Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions.

Our company, which continues its production in the categories of women’s, men’s and children’s slippers, continues to serve our valued customers by combining quality and elegance.