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10 Suggestions for Foot Health

Foot care is a much more complex and complicated process than many people think. If you are standing for a long time, using only “Lotus Slippers” may not be enough to protect your feet or make your feet feel comfortable. Well, if you are a person standing for a long time and use a comfortable Lotus Slippers, what else can you do for foot care? With 10 Tips for Foot Care that we have written for you, we will examine what you can do for your foot care.

Wash Your Feet Regularly

One of the biggest causes of athlete’s foot and similar viral skin diseases is that feet are not disinfected well enough. Especially if you spend a long time standing, you can use Lotus Slippers to breathe and ventilate your feet. Thus, especially your toes breathe and thus the effect of heat and moisture that causes bacterial growth is minimized. If you wash your feet with an antiseptic soap with water with a moderate temperature, you can greatly reduce the growth of bacteria on your feet. Of course, you are more lucky if you use a Lotus Slipper. Because Lotus Slippers will allow your wet feet to dry in a short time thanks to the porous front part. In addition, the wooden or filling base of the Sabo Slipper will ensure that your feet do not slip.

Keep Your Feet Moisture

There is a big difference between washing your feet and keeping your feet moist. Washing your feet keeps your feet moist for a short time. However, if you use a moisturizer for your foot skin, you will prevent your foot skin from drying out. In addition, if you use a comfortable-soled Lotus Slipper, you will prevent the slipper from slipping off your feet. Moisturizing your feet not only applies to your skin, but also to your nails and heels.

Choose a Comfortable Slipper / Shoes

Choosing a comfortable slipper is extremely important if you have a job that requires you to stand for a long time, such as a hospital, pharmacy, or workshop. Because a slipper or shoe that irritates your feet not only harms your feet, but also causes various health problems. The compression of the veins causes the blood circulation in your feet not to be done well enough. This causes many health problems, especially varicose veins. Moreover, whether your feet are comfortable or not affects your psychology more than you think. If you want to experience the same comfort throughout the day, not only in pharmacies, hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc. Lotus Slippers will make your feet comfortable with different color options and sandals-like design.

Toe Nail Care

Toenails are one of the most sensitive areas of your feet for bacteria. This part should be well ventilated. Bacteria that form in your toenails can cause big problems when combined with heat and moisture. To prevent this, do not neglect to cut your nails. By using tips such as massaging your feet on a daily basis and taking care of keeping your feet warm, you can perform foot care.

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